Statement of Purpose

Storm Homecare Ltd is driven to provide a superior care to all residents to a standard which not only maintains the fundamental principals of good care practices but aims to put the personal quality care back in the service.

Our total commitment to quality includes the continual review and refinement of staff and home, as our ethics show that everyone has a role to play in achieving the highest quality of care. Our work ethics include:

• Maintaining an update compliance with legislative and care sector requirements
• Hiring high calibre of managers and staff with the skills, qualifications and capacity to deliver excellence in all areas of our engagement with clients and workers continuously developing every stage of our recruitment practice to standards of excellence that stand as a role model of best practice for others in the sector
• Applying the personal touch so that staff and customers feel valued and feedback is an open and transparent process

Storm Homecare Ltd can supply the following sectors:

• Public Sector NHS Trusts: Hospital sites - all directorates and specialities
• NHS Community Trusts
• Community Nursing
• Peripatetic Clinics
• Treatment rooms GP practice
• Private Healthcare Providers
• Private Nursing and Residential Homes
• Private Hospitals

Duration of Staff

Staff can be introduced on a temporary basis and permanent employment basis,Temporary is defined as working for a client for a predetermined time. Either party, service user or nurse, can terminate the assignment at any time. Nurses are requested to give adequate notice to allow for reassignment of staff to ensure the interests of patients and clients are not interrupted.


In order that our professional reputation is maintained at a high level, we monitor all process and staff to ensure that it complies with the clients’ requirements. This is done by

• Verbally: Discussion with the Matron/Managers & clients to ensure that the service provided is satisfactory

• Written: A questionnaire is sent to service users / clients to monitor the effectiveness of the Agency.

• Maintain a open door policy no matter how trivial the matter may seem

About Us

Storm Homecare Ltd, 23 – 25 Friar Lane Leicester, LE1 5QQ. Tel: 0116 2538601.

Quality Standards

To ensure that care is delivered in accordance with contracts of care and the Care Standards Act 2000 and the associated standards and regulations. Unfortunately Storm Homecare Ltd do not supply nurses to individuals in their homes but this will be an aim for the future.

Response Time

Storm Homecare Ltd endeavours to respond to all urgent queries by either phone, email, or face to face depending on the query within 24 hours.

Complaints process

Our complaints procedure mirrors the requirements of the Regulation and Improvement Authority .If any client or workers has cause to complain concerning our service please contact:

The Managing Director

The complaint must be made in writing to one of the above persons and sent via email or postal address below:

Storm Homecare Ltd 23 -25 Friar Lane,

Leicester, LE1 5QQ 

Tel (0116) 2538601,  or   Email

The complaint will be thoroughly investigated by one of the above named persons.

All complaints will be acknowledged within 5 working days, a written record maintained with full and accurate details and outcome completed within 28 days. In complex cases this may be longer.

All staff will be informed of any complaint relating against them.

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