Our Services

Personal Care

Our carers can help with all aspects of personal care within the client’s own home to maintain as much independence as possible.

The carers are able to assist with getting the client out of bed, washed, bathed or showered as required. They can then also assist with dressing and once ready, breakfast preparation of the client’s choice.

Our carers are trained to be able to assist with care of colostomy bags and catheter bags should a client require this.

For those clients that require it, the carers are able to assist with getting ready for bed of an evening and into bed if necessary. 


Our carers are able to escort clients to the shops, or if the client is not able to go themselves, the carers will go shopping and then deliver the items back to the client’s home

Preparing Meals

The carers are able to assist clients with preparing their meals; be it breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks or drinks. If the client is unable to perform this task, then the carers can prepare the food. The carers are able to sit and keep the client company whilst they have their meal should it be required. 

Live-In Care

We are able to provide a service to clients where we have a live-in carer staying in the client’s home with them. This can be for a few days or a longer period of time to meet the client’s requirements. Having a live-in carer ensures that continuous care is provided to the client with the knowledge of them being cared for in their own surroundings.

Delivering a constant high quality service is our priority and we ensure this high standard by careful recruitment of the best care support staff that we can attract and the on-going monitoring of their performance throughout their employment with Apex Care.

The live-in carer will be able to carry our personal care tasks such as assisting you to get up, washed, dressed and they will also be able to assist with toileting; this will be carried out at the clients own speed and to their own timetable.

The carer will also be available to assist with cooking meals, doing housework and shopping. They will also provide assistance with outings and looking after any pets that the client may have.

We always endeavour to place the same carer(s) with you to enable you to benefit from a continuity of companionship, routine and care

Domestic Tasks

Our carers are able to offer assistance with light domestic tasks, such as vacuuming, dusting, washing up and personal laundry. 

we also provide , Medication reminders, Respite care. Sleep over and Social Companionship.

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